Creating your new E-Business might seem overwhelming at first. It might be the thought of what your business will be about, writing articles, or the techie stuff.

Whatever it is, there are definitely some things you’ll need to learn to succeed online. But I’m going to break it down for you in a series of posts over the coming days and hopefully make it much simpler for you.

Here’s an e-business blueprint in an infographic with the steps to build your online business. These are all important steps in the process.

ebusiness blueprint

Pick a Niche

Your “niche” is the target market for your website. I will walk you through how to pick a profitable niche for your online business. You may have a topic that you’re really passionate about but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be profitable.

Maybe you already have an online business and it’s not working out so well. We can work with you to review your plan and maybe help you tweak it a little or find something else that will work better.

Read my “5 Secrets to Choosing the Right Niche” to help you get started.

Build a Brand Home

Next, you have to build a website for your new business. There are a number of “point and click” website builders out there. And most of them are good enough for a quick start.

However, I prefer to use WordPress for my sites. As of 2020, WordPress powers 35% of the world’s websites. It’s extremely powerful and there are tons of custom add-on’s to make it an ideal platform to build your business on.

If you’re stuck on the technical aspects, let me help you get it straightened out. You don’t want to lose your customers right away because your website delivers a bad experience.

Learn more about what a WordPress website can do for you.

Reverse Engineer Competitors

Once you’ve chosen your niche, it’s time to see how other websites are marketing to that niche. Visit their sites and keep notes on what you like or dislike about each of them. How can you do it better?

Optimize for Conversions

You need to make it easy for your customers to connect with you. Missing “call to actions” (CTA’s) might mean missing opportunities with your site visitors.

Setup a Content Creation System

For me, this is the hardest one. I was never a great student in English class and dread having to write. You need to come up with a system for your topics. Look for some techniques to help you come up with topics to write about.

Promote Systematically

You can have the greatest website ever but if no one ever visits, does it matter? There are a number of ways to create traffic. Paid traffic might be the easiest but you can run through a pile of money really quick. I can help you with other options to drive traffic as well.

Create Thought Leadership

When potential customers think about your niche, you want them to think of you as the expert. By making yourself a thought leader in your niche, people will immediately respect your recommendations and solutions.

Monetize Your Content

How can you make money from your content? How do you draw the line between free content that establishes you as the expert and what you should ask customers to pay for? You’re going to have people who just come for the free information. Whether that’s product reviews or “how to” articles. Make sure to include the ability to purchase through your site.

Optimize Your System

Finally, you have to optimize your website. This means you need to constantly revisit your website and make changes. Try A-B tests to see what works better or make small tweaks to the site to see how it impacts sales.

Building your online business should never be a set it and forget type site it if you don’t want it to stagnate.

Closing Thoughts

Wow, that seems like a lot of work! Yes, building a business does take some work. However, don’t overthink it. One term you’ll hear me use is “minimally marketable product”. That means you just get the basics out there to create your business or product, then continue to refine it.

Once you get it going, it’s going to get easier. You just continue to optimize and look for new ways to improve your products.

To your future success!

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p.s. Need help now? Do you have a business or product idea and want a sounding board? Let’s start a conversation. Email me or use the contact form to let me know how I can help.

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    • Pauline Mac

      Hi Jeff, I love the infographic.
      On reading your post, it makes me realize just how difficult starting a new business is going to be, even though you made it really interesting. I will follow your posts as you show us how to build our businesses.

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