Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about my story.  I’ve had some amazing experiences that I believe can help along your path as well.  To start with, I’ve been working in the technology field since way back in 1983.

In the beginning…

The original IBM PC

At my first job, the boss wanted to figure out what these personal computers were all about and took me to the store to purchase one.  So we bought an IBM PC with 2 disk drives and a green screen monitor (we spent $5,000). 

I immediately dove in and talked to the office staff to see what kinds of problems I could solve with it.  One of the apps I created ended up being pretty popular with a lot of their customers so we decided to start a new “software” division of the company.

Striking out on my own…

After the company had grown and was well established, I decided a few years later to start my own technology consulting company. 

Many small businesses I spoke with could not get the larger consulting firms to help them out because they weren’t big enough.  I saw a real need and wanted to see them succeed and grow along with them. 

Here’s my first website from back in the mid-90’s. Not much to look at compared to what you see today.

In the mid-1990’s, we helped a bunch of local businesses launch their first websites and create an online presence.  We took on hundreds of these small businesses, along with a few government contracts and some Fortune 500 companies.

Joining a new startup…

After 6 years of running that business, we ended up selling and I joined a new startup as the lead web developer and architect for that online company.  I worked with a bunch of awesome technologists and marketing people that I learned a great deal from. 

That company grew into a multi-million dollar entity that just recently sold. Being part of that business became an invaluable experience in my career.

So here I am today…

Jeff Chandler

I’m starting a new consulting company!  I’ve learned a ton over the years.  Had some successes and some things that didn’t work out as well.  At this point in my career, I really wanted to go back to the roots of where I saw a need before. That is, to help smaller businesses and startups really succeed

Setting up your new business online can seem overwhelming. I want to give you the freedom to do what you’re passionate about and to help you launch and grow your own online business.   

It’s awesome to be part of the journey and see your success.   Hopefully, you will trust me to come along beside you and see what we can do together!

Again, thanks so much for visiting!

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p.s. – No matter how much experience you have, everyone needs a coach and you can always learn something new.  So you’ll see me reference some other successful entrepreneurs in my posts that are helping me to learn new things.  I encourage you to check them out as well.